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Hiya. My name is... well, you can call me Piggy. Or Piffy. Whichever you prefer. I'm 20, agendered, and fond of engaging in acts of extreme geekery. I have a triple blackbelt in Google Fu, and a talent for making up bizarre RP characters. I'm teaching myself Japanese, and it's slow work, but with a combination of the internet, my trusty Japanese-English dictionary, imported manga, and a lot of fansubs, I'm hoping to be able to do stuff like translate doujinshi someday, since a lot of my fandoms have very little in the way of translated doujins.

I dislike angst, especially gratuitous angst, and, by extension, I hate the Newbery Medal Award, as well as the majority of the contents of the grade school/middle school/high school required reading lists, since they're all depressing realistic fiction where the only likable characters are all dead or worse by the last page. Fuck you, Lord of the Flies. Fuck you.

I also hate Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, but that's more because it's page after page of droning, racist drivel, and you can literally skip 30 pages in the middle of it (that's roughly half the novella) and miss nothing important to the plot, what little there is of it. Of course, it's pretty easy to miss that there is a plot, since all references to it tend to be off-hand clauses buried in walls of mind-numbing, repetitive, purple text. It's not so much depressing to read as it's an unholy combination of badly written and maddeningly dull.

Some of my preferred pairings include (with qualifiers):

Yuu Yuu Hakusho:
Bui x Karasu [OTP] (existent)
Kuronue x Kurama

Hunter x Hunter:
Kuroro/Machi [OTP]
Hisoka/Machi (dubcon or noncon)
Hisoka/Kurapika (noncon)
Killua + Gon (fluff)

Demon Diary:
Krayon x Erutis

Sasuke (Naruto)/Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter) [OTP]
Spiderman (Marvel Comics)/Koto (Yuu Yuu Hakusho)
Krayon (Demon Diary)/Arturia (Fate/Stay Night)


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